Working out after a long, hard day’s work can sometimes feel like a massive drag…

Even in the morning, you get those days where you don’t want to get up, but you force yourself anyway.

Yet, your energy levels are out of whack and you can’t seem to get yourself in the mood.

Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel!

Better yet, I have the perfect solution to your problems!

First… let me ask you.

What if you could get a ton of energy back, have increased concentration and feel even better pumps when working out?

Well… it’s possible!

The answer? Pre workouts!

Let’s dive in.

What Is A Pre Workout Supplement?

You commonly drink pre-workout supplements 15-20 minutes before training for increased performance.

Depending on the ingredients, pre-workouts usually includes:

  • Boost of energy
  • Increased focus
  • Improved cognitive abilities
  • Increased force production
  • Improved endurance
  • And in some cases, fat burning qualities

One of the great benefits of pre-workouts is due to these benefits.

These make the supplements perfect for when you’re tired, sleepy or just lacking motivation.

There are many common misconceptions about pre-workout supplements, in which we will be dive in later on…

One thing to note is that pre-workouts are a supplement which means you don’t need it to make gains.

But when used properly, can help you achieve your goals much quicker!

5 of The Best Pre Workout Supplements For Women – A Quick Summary

Product Name Strength Level Rating Benefits
Batch 27 by TC Nutrition Beginner – Intermediate 9.2/10 A potent pre-workout that includes full maximum dosages on a complete pre-workout formula, a game changing pre that will help you breakthrough plateus.
Nitrosurge by Jacked Factory Beginner 8.7/10 A simple yet effect pre-workout formula that provides all the essential pre-workout effects without any of the negative side effects.
Oxyshred by EHPLabs Beginner – Intermediate 8.5/10 A fat-burner that helps destroy stubborn fatty cells, all while providing consistent energy and tunnel-vision focus.
Infinity by RARI Nutrition Beginner 8.3/10 A healthy pre-workout that does not include artificial flavours and sweeteners, but still provides a good kick of energy, mental focus, and pump!
NLA For Her by Uplift Beginner 7.9/10 An above average pre-workout complex that is targeted specifically for women.

What To Look Out For When Choosing Pre Workout

Here is the criterion you want to look out for when choosing a pre-workout.

Look for:
✓ Full clinical dosages
✓ Transparent labelling
✓ Claims that live up to the hype
✓ No added sugar or filler ingredients
✓ Lack of artificial flavours and colours

What Are In Pre Workout Supplements?

Almost all pre-workouts will have these main ingredients with different dosages.

How you can differentiate a good pre-workout from a bad one depends on:

  • The other ingredients to help amplify the main pre-workout ingredients
  • If these extra ingredients are scientifically backed
  • Whether these ingredients have full clinical dosages


No need for introductions… caffeine is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world.

It does have great health benefits, such as increasing endurance, boosting mental alertness and amplifying energy levels.

If you’re a coffee lover, you know caffeine is your friend (as long as it’s not overused).

Pre workouts have varying amounts of caffeine, so best way to try these supplements is to test your limits by starting with 1/2 the recommended dosage.


Beta-Alanine helps combat lactic acid during training. This allows you to do more reps and train longer overall.

This is done by combining histamine in the muscle cells that form carnosine.

Warning: You may feel tingles when taking pre-workouts with high amounts of Beta-Alanine. If you are prone to itchy skin, look for one with a lower dosage.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is a vasodilator which dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow throughout the body.

This is a main ingredient in all pre-workouts and allows you to get more oxygen and nutrients into your muscles.

This will result in less fatigue and great pumps – which is what we’re chasing.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine Anhydrous can help you break through plateaus by increasing force production (power output).

Everyone loves a pump, but many others love lifting weights they couldn’t lift before.

You will feel that pre-workouts with Betaine will allow you have a greater maximum output.

Great, when you’re attempting Personal Records on the day!

The Benefits of Pre Workout

Had a long day and don’t feel like training? Don’t worry, pre workouts got your back!

Increased Energy

Caffeine and other stimulants found in pre-workouts will provide you with a much-needed boost of energy.

Sometimes, caffeine will cause a crash after the initial high; However, many pre-workouts on the market have ingredients to counteract these crashes.

As a result, you have smooth, longer lasting energy for your 1 – 3 hour workout for you to utilise and produce great results with.

Mental Focus

One of my favourite benefits is the mental edge you get at the gym.

Sometimes, you may felt great health wise, but are just lacking the motivation to train.

The cognitive increase in function is great, and will get you focusing on the task at hand – and that is getting a great work out in.

Improved Endurance

Pre workouts can boost your performance right away.

If you can feel like you will have a long, killer workout, then improving your endurance on every exercise can be very beneficial.

You can feel the immediacy of the results as you will push more reps than usual and last longer throughout your workout.

Great Pumps

One of the main aspects of training is to ‘feel’ the pump and get the blood flowing into the muscle.

The pump is the key indicator you’re doing the exercise right and targeting the right muscles.

Ingredients such as Citrulline and Arginine will dilate blood vessels for increased blood flow.

Because of the dilation of your blood vessels, you will have even more blood output throughout your whole body, resulting in greater pumps.

When And How Often You Can Take Pre Workout

For best practice, always read the recommended at the back of the label.

On average, take pre-workouts 15 – 30 minutes before working out.

The amount of water you add with the powder depend on the scoop size.

Most of the pre workouts with maximum clinical dosages will have big scoops.

It’s always best to start off with ½ the recommended dosage first.

That way, you can gauge your tolerance first before diving head first.

It’s just enjoying a shower; you need to keep feeling the water until it’s at the perfect temperature.

Unless you’re crazy and go head first and worry about the consequences later…

But hey, that’s up to you.

If you find yourself taking more than the recommended dose, look to upgrade to a stronger pre-workout.

Double dosing can lead to overdosing on certain ingredients and can have adverse effects on your health.

Is Pre Workout Bad For You?


BUT! If you use it correctly, it can be super beneficial, sort of like a ‘pick me up’ when you’re down.

If you take pre-workout regularly, your body will build a tolerance to the stimulants.

You can get to a point where your body won’t feel its full effects anymore, and that’s where overdosing occurs.

If you have any health issues such as caffeine sensitivity, always consult a health professional before taking any supplements.

Also, if you have any skin conditions, pre-workouts with Beta Alanine can cause irritation because of the tingly sensations you get.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pre Workout

Should I Pick A Pre Workout Targeted To Women?

Quick answer: no.

Most pre-workouts are great for both men and women.

The difference is that some ingredients are better catered for men (e.g. testosterone) simply because of how our bodies function.

However, you are free to use any pre-workout, as long as you know what you’re looking for.

Although some pre-workouts may look like they’re marketed more for Men, they may in fact be just as good for Women.

In fact, many pre-workouts that are targeted at women are low quality and underdosed.

For best practice, always check the ingredients profile and ensure that you know what’s going into your body.

Is Pre Workout Only For Men?

Anyone of any gender can enjoy pre-workout, whether you are a male, female or other.

Although everyone has different bodies, pre-workouts were designed to help you enhance your workouts.

Increased mental focus, greater pumps, boosting of energy and greater force production are all positive attributes because of taking a pre-workout supplement.

What you won’t need are pre-workouts with testosterone boosting ingredients.

For example, Nitraflex, which has a clinically studied testosterone boosting complex, added to their pre-workout.

Unless you’re aiming for a pro league bodybuilding show where increased testosterone might be beneficial, you want to stray away from these types of pre-workouts.

Will Pre Workout Disrupt My Sleeping Patterns?

Yes, depending on when you take it.

If you followed our instructions and tested out your tolerance first, you can sort of gauge when the best time is to take pre-workouts.

Look out for the amount of milligrams of caffeine pre-workouts has. To put it into perspective, caffeine is equivalent to 4 cups of coffee.

Now ask yourself, is drinking 4 cups of coffee ideal at 9pm at night?

Absolutely not, right? (Unless you’re a coffee addict, in which case your tolerance is super high)

The average amount of milligrams on decently potent pre workouts would range from 150mg – 300mg.

Again, test out what your body feels is best, and stick to it from there – usually anything above 300mg is overkill for me.

For best practice, leave about a 5 – 6 hour window before taking pre-workout. For example, if you need to sleep by 10pm, and you train at around 7pm, you probably won’t want to take a pre-workout.

Will Pre Workout Make Me Jittery?

It really depends on your body and how it reacts to pre-workouts.

The jittery feeling is usually because of caffeine.

What pre-workouts do that is great is have ingredients that counteract the bad caffeine symptoms you get (such as crashes and jitteriness).

As long as you’re not overdosing on pre-workouts or stimulants, you should be fine.

If you felt jittery after consuming a pre-workout, the product might be too strong for you – in which case, 1/2 the dosage.

Will Pre Workout Give Me Anxiety?

Pre workouts have ingredients that increase cognitive function, and some of them increase endorphins (the feel good hormone).

Some pre-workouts are extremely strong, and these stronger pre-workouts usually contain crazy dosages and potentially banned ingredients.

The anxiety aspects come in when your body can’t handle the strength of the pre-workout.

So as long as you follow the instructions and recommendations on this guide, you’ll find yourself with some great products in hand to help you get a great workout in.

Are There Pre Workouts Without Stimulants?

Absolutely there is! Usually these are labelled as “Pump Formulas” or “Non-Stims”.

These are great if you’re sensitive to caffeine, train late, or just don’t like caffeine.

If you still want the effects of caffeine, but don’t want to build a tolerance, it’s best to take pre workouts on the days you have major muscle groups involved.

This usually means that much more energy must be exerted, so you can plan to take your pre during those heavy lifting days.

If you feel yourself becoming immune to the pre-workout effects, take at least 2 weeks off to reset your tolerance, and start up again.

What Is Nitric Oxide, And Why Does It Do To My Body?

First, what’s Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator which means it dilates blood vessels by relaxing them, causing the vessels to widen.

Does the definition sound familiar?

Yes, ingredients like Citrulline and Arginine are Nitric Oxide boosters, so finding a pre-workout which increases Nitric Oxide is in your best interest.

Are There False Claims In The Supplement Industry?

Unfortunately, you hear it all the time, and yes, it exists in the pre-workout industry.

This is especially true for pre-workouts that are directed to women in specific.

Pay attention to the ingredients panel and find which ingredients work best with your body and style of training.

Doing quick Google searches on the ingredients you don’t know is recommended when you come across an ingredient you’re not sure about.

On the flip side, you also want to be wary of the companies that might not be as big, but come out with some great products.

Again, always read the ingredients panel before making your decision.

Do Pre Workouts Use Artificial Sweeteners, Colours, and Preservatives?

Yes, a ton of pre-workout products add these sweeteners.

But be warned, these do more harm than good, despite being sugar-free.

Try to stray away from any of these artificial ingredients.

They can be found on the ‘other ingredients’ section on the ingredients panel.

Do I Need Pre Workout To Get Into Good Shape?

Hell no, in fact, this speaks for all supplements.

Supplements are designed as an extra to help you get an edge to achieving your fitness goals faster.

A pre-workout is unnecessary if your diet is not great.

In fact, I would not recommend getting a pre-workout if you haven’t got a proper fitness plan for achieving results down pat.

It would be an unnecessary expense, and you won’t be achieving results.

Many bodybuilders can live without supplements. This is no exception with pre-workouts.

If you naturally have a lot of energy, then you won’t need to invest in a pre-workout.

But if you’re an average person, pre-workouts can help in greater times of need!

Can I Take My Boyfriends Pre Workout Supplement?

If you have learnt anything in this guide, this question should be easy to answer.

But if you skipped to this section, then yes! You can, but first read the ingredients label.

Ensure that the pre-workout is not overly strong for you to use, and that it has no testosterone enhancing ingredients.

What’s The Difference Between A Fat Burner/Thermogenic And A Pre Workout?

A Fat Burner/Thermogenic is still considered a ‘pre workout’ supplement, but varies because of its focus on fat burning ingredients.

A Thermogenic or Fat Burner includes ingredients that focus on heating your body up faster, causing you to sweat more.

It also helps in eliminating hard to kill fatty cells within the body.

What Fat Burners/Thermogenics lack is usually pump formulas which would include Nitric Oxide boosters.

But, if you are looking to shred fat more effectively, choosing a fat burner over a pre-workout can be a better decision for you.

Look at the ingredients and decide for yourself what effects you wish to commit to for the next 30 servings of your tub.

5 Of The Best Pre Workout Supplements For Women

Batch 27 by TC Nutrition

Strength Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Starting off this list with a popular pre-workout in Australia, Batch 27 brings a powerhouse of ingredients that are designed to give you a killer workout.

Batch 27 contains a great amount of ingredients, most with full clinical dosages.

Starting off with 8g of L-Citrulline to give you skin-splitting pumps, one of the most complete clinical dosages of Citrulline out there!

Batch 27 also includes caffeine for a crazy boost of energy, with added L-Theanine to prevent any negative caffeine side effects.

They also include Theobromine. It is a multi-purpose ingredient designed to improve your overall mood and increase blood flow into the muscles.

Batch 27 comes with a super potent formula, and one of the most complete pre-workout matrix’ on the market!

✓ One of the most loaded formulas on the market
✓ No crash, considering a higher amount of caffeine content
✓ Full clinical dosages for most ingredients
✓ Super potent, and can be taken in ½ scoops and still have great performance.

✗ Includes sucralose (artificial sweetener)

Check Prices On Amazon


Nitrosurge by Jacked Factory

Strength Level: Beginner

Nitrosurge by Jacked Factory claims to have developed a pre-workout that promises laser-like focus, powerful pumps, increased muscle growth and endless amounts of energy…

At first glance, Nitrosurge has a pre-workout formula.

It seems like it would take 2 scoops to get full recommended dosages for each ingredient, but if you’re only testing out your tolerance, 1 scoop is more than optimal.

Nitrosurge includes 180mg of Caffeine (1 scoop), but also includes L-Theanine which is an ingredient used to counter-act Caffeines negative side effects.

Hordenine HCI is also included in this formula and is said to increase fat loss and adrenaline (although there aren’t many clinical studies to back this claim).

Alongside Hordenine is Theobromine which derives from cacao plants and is a mood enhancer to help you get that concentration!

Regardless, Nitrosurge is overall bare-boned and super simple, formulated to give you everything you need for a great workout.

✓ Almost all ingredients have clinical studies to back them up
✓ A simple formula optimal for great performance
✓ Transparent labelling

✗Contains sucralose and acesulfame potassium (artificial sweeteners)
✗Contains artificial flavours

Check Prices On Amazon


OxyShred by EHPLabs

Strength Level: Beginner – Intermediate

You’ve probably seen this fat burning pre-workout at your local supplement store. It is famous!

Oxyshred is a little different from the others on this list, as it is more geared towards the fat burning side of the equation as opposed to energy boosting.

To reiterate, fat burners/thermogenics targets your fat cells directly, which allows you to metabolise your fat cells and convert them into energy.

If you want to sweat more when you train, have a nice flow of energy throughout your session and have crazy tunnel-vision focus, then Oxyshred is your type of pre workout drink!

✓ Has a fat burning formula to help burn stubborn fats during a shred
✓ Gives great laser-like focus and mood enhancing abilities
✓ Consistent energy throughout the whole workout with no crash

✗Lacks sufficient pump ingredients (to counteract this, you can combine this with a pump formula if you’d like)
✗ Proprietary blend
✗ Includes artificial sweeteners

Check Prices On Amazon


Infinity by RARI Nutrition

Strength Level: Beginner

Looking for an all-natural pre-workout? Look no further.

Infinity by RARI Nutrition has come out with a pre-workout that boosts workout performance, all while staying as natural as possible.

Their Infinity Blend includes all your essential pre-workout ingredients, including N-Acetyl-Tyrosine and Agmatine Sulfate.

N-Acetyl-Tyrosine is a mood enhancer and stress reducer and does particularly well during high intensity training.

Agmatine Sulfate helps with blood flow to the muscle by inhibiting enzymes that are used to break down nitric oxide, resulting in greater nitric oxide levels and overall better pumps.

All ingredients of Infinity is GMP certified, meaning their ingredients are lab-tested for purity.

Best of all, it includes no artificial sweeteners.

✓ All natural ingredients
✓ Clinically studied ingredients
✓ Laser-like focus
✓ Great vitamin complex

✗2 scoop recommended dose, which cuts servings to 15 scoops instead of 30
✗Not the best tasting pre-workout on this list

Check Prices On Amazon


NLA For Her by Uplift

Strength Level: Beginner

NLA for Her by Uplift is a pre-workout made by women, for women.

The ingredients in NLA at first glance are good, being above average compared to other pre-workouts.

NLA contains an amino acid profile for extra recovery, and a nootropic blend for that mental focus we all love.

Unfortunately, if you were to do the math on the ingredients, they added a lot of filler ingredients.

In fact, 5g/7g of the pre-workout is just filler ingredients.

Unnecessary considering the amount of great ingredients in their matrix.

Despite that, the overall formula seems to enhance performance, with great boosting effects and mental focus.

✓ Despite the filler ingredients, still gives a good kick in terms of performance.
✓ Great pre workout formula which includes more than your usual ingredients

✗Unnecessary filler ingredients
✗Proprietary blend

Check Prices On Amazon


Our Winner

I hope by now you can deduce a low quality pre-workout from a high quality pre-workout.

Each company comes out with its own take on what they think would give the best performance.

It’s always great to see a product that contains exactly that – full clinical dosages with ingredients that are scientifically backed to improve performance.

That being the case, our winner is:

Batch 27.

We would definitely recommend this to any gym junkie out there who wants extra energy, enhanced muscle pumps, longer lasting endurance, extra strength output, laser sharp focus and wants to increase protein muscle synthesis!

With a complete formula, Batch 27 leaves it all on the table for you to enjoy, and have a workout you can push through plateau and get stronger, day by day.

If you are a woman, looking for your next pre-workout to enjoy, Batch 27 will give you all the great benefits of pre-workouts with no drawbacks.