Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Pre Workout

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Workout Effectiveness









  • DMHA (Means It's Strong AF - Bias)
  • Crazy Tingly Feeling Pre-Workout
  • Tastes Pretty Good
  • Long Lasting Pumps That Last A Workout
  • Mental Focus Is Insane


  • High Caffeine Content
  • DMHA (Not Suitable If You're Competing)
When it comes to naming a pre-workout, you often see the manliest and badass names like power, ravage, super, mega, and strength.

However, the guys at Outbreak Nutrition wants you to be ready for war especially with their Pathogen pre-workout.

Outbreak Nutrition is adamant at gearing their users for the fight of their lives, but will their Pathogen pre workout be enough?


Pathogen Pre Workout by Outbreak Nutrition

About Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Pre Workout

Outbreak Nutrition is a supplement company creates supplements that are “designed to help you thrive in a post-apocalyptic world.”

What we really like about their company is how they have a matching post-apocalyptic story that goes well with the theme of their supplements.

It’s rare to see such marketing tactic and we see this as a breath of fresh air. Supplement notes:

  • Military-grade looking. One look at Pathogen Pre workout’s bottle and design will make you want to salute.
  • Transparent formula. No prop blend here, folks.

Quality ingredients. We see a list of names we’re excited to tell you guys about.

Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Pre Workout Ingredient Breakdown

  • Citrulline Malate. Pathogen’s main ingredient is a whopping six grams of this powerful vasodilator. It has been studied for its benefits on improved blood flow, nutrient uptake, and its ability to boost physical performance and give you lots of pump.
  • Beta Alanine. Great performance booster that works on fast-twitch muscle fibers while delaying fatigue and improving muscle recovery.
  • Choline Bitartrate. A building block of every cell membrane in the body, this ingredient functions as a nootropic that can help with mental alertness and concentration.
  • Caffeine anhydrous. Everyone’s favorite stimulant, when it comes to energy nothing can replace ‘ol Caf. Apart from energy boosting benefits, there’s also a slight thermogenic boost which can help with weight loss.
  • If citrulline boosts nitric oxide production, norvaline removes the limiters. Norvaline works by inhibiting arginase production, an enzyme that limits nitric oxide levels.
  • Comes in the branded form of DYNAMINE 40%, this extract is a natural stimulant obtained from kucha tea and similar to theacrine when it comes to mitigating the side effects associated with caffeine, preventing crashes and spikes in energy. It also extends the energy boosting effects of caffeine through its slow-release property.
  • Juglans Regia. A natural source of Octodrine, a stimulant with a similar structure to DMAA. Due to similarities, octodrine confers similar benefits such as improved physical performance, enhances focus, and better pain threshold.
  • It’s mostly taken for its heart-healthy benefits and some mood-enhancing benefit.

Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Pre Workout Formula Cohesion

It goes without saying Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Pre Workout has an awesome list of ingredients. However, do they work in synergy? We like to think for the most part, they do. We see Pathogen having three main benefits: Muscle pump, energy, and nootropic.

Muscle Pump

Citrulline and Norvaline is a potent combo when it comes to getting pumped and powering your way through heavy lifts.

Thanks to norvaline’s arginase-inhibiting property, the pumps citrulline will not only be a lot more but will also be sustained for longer workout periods.

While we wish they added a hundred grams or so more of norvaline, the fact that we get six whole grams of citrulline malate per serving means you will feel power coursing through your veins.

Add a mix of caffeine and beta-alanine and you’ll be breaking PRs like there’s no tomorrow.


Pathogen pre workout is not without a good source of caffeine. In fact, we like to think they added too much caffeine. For context, 350 mg of caffeine is equivalent to 3-4 cups of brewed coffee. That’s a lot of coffee in one go, bro!

We normally mark this as a terrible idea, but the fact that they added methylliberine should help keep the energy spikes in check.

If you still need a quick boost, they also have Juglans Regia on the side which also helps with mental energy and focus.


Not much around this area. Choline is a great addition, but it’s not exactly the best nootropic you can add. Theobromine in this formula more or less appears as an afterthought than anything.

All in all, we think Pathogen pre workout works well based on what it’s advertised to do. It contains ingredients that improve benefits as well as ingredients that complement each other.

Our only ticks would be the form of each ingredient – they seriously could have used branded forms for two or three of their key ingredients – and the half-hearted attempt to have nootropic benefits on the side.

There’s also a problem if you’re a competitor as Octodrine, sourced from Jugans Regia, is banned from sports by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency (ASADA), with the latter sanctioning one body builder for four years.

Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Pre Workout Side Effects

Admittedly, the only real concern is the 350 mg of caffeine. We all know what too much can do: Nausea, crashes, and maybe stomach aches if you’re quite sensitive. Methylliberine does help, but everyone’s tolerance for stimulants is different so be ready.

There’s also the itching associated with beta-alanine use. Without going technical, if you’re itching it means the compound has been absorbed and is working. It’s also a temporary effect. As soon as the pre workout wears out so will the itching.

Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Pre Workout Pros & Cons


  • Clean label. No fluff ingredients added.
  • Quality ingredients. Even without brands, additions were what we wanted to see.
  • Ingredients were added with overall effect in mind.
  • Energy and pumps. Long lasting pumps meets long lasting energy.
  • Good dosing. We would tweak a bit more, but it’s good enough as it is.


  • Caffeine might punch you. 350 mg of caffeine is not a normal dose for a lot of people.
  • Not for professional sport. Octodrine is actually banned in sports, so don’t take it if you’re competing or planning on competing.

Taste & Mixability

At first glance when opening up Pathogen, I noticed that the powder was extremely fine. The powder, when added to water, mixes extremely well for it’s contents, and would only need to be shaken for 5 seconds or so as it dissolves well and never have chunks of pre-workout sneaking in when consuming.

Pathogen Pre Workout comes in 3 flavours:

  • Double Barrel Berry
  • Agent Orange-Pineapple
  • War-Torn Melon

Having only tasted Agent Orange-Pineapple and War-Torn Melon both flavours taste like how their described – Agent Orange-Pineapple having a primarily Orang-y flavour with a hint of

Pineapple at the end, as well as War-Torn Melon tasting exactly like Sour Watermelon Chewable Lollies but in water form. Both flavours have a little bit of Tang at the end, but nothing too crazy that wouldn’t be enjoyed.

The main key point is that it does NOT have any chemical after taste (which is horrible), thus makes it drinkable, even if you don’t enjoy pre workout flavours or have a weak stomach.

Workout Effectiveness

Upon taking Pathogen, the ‘tingly’ effects will hit you seconds after consumption, primarily due to the high dosage of Beta-Alanine.

5 Minutes in, you’ll start to feel your body temperature rise a little bit as the tingles start to multiply (somewhat a nostalgic feeling as if taking C4 for the very first time) and tremendous mental focus.

At this point you should have your headphones in, pumping yourself up with Rock, Hip-Hop, Adele or whatever you choose to watch prior to working out and getting ready to kill it in the gym.

10 Minutes in, you should reach the pinnacle of the Pre Workout. Like a Warrior preparing for battle, the mental focus we get from Pathogen is top-rated in our opinion, and the Beta-Alanine has that extra kick – enough for us to say “Screw it, we’re going heavy today.”

Overall, the Pump lasts quite a long time, and muscle fatigue was basically non-existent for the heavy compound movements, the tingly feeling wears off after the first couple of exercises which is a given, however, the most important thing is that mental focus lasts a LONG time.

After a workout you will most likely still be able to feel the effects, and studying/working right after will help you concentrate more!

We would recommend NOT taking this at night due to it’s high Caffeine content, however for the crazy iron-addicts who take pre workout regularly and have a high tolerance, you won’t have a problem sleeping if you give it about 3 – 4 hours after taking a full scoop.