Looking For The Top 5 Strongest Pre Workout Supplements?

The best pre-workout supplements can be quite difficult to narrow down.

There are thousands of pre-workout products out there, many of them with crazy complexes and interesting ingredients.

What pre workouts aim to do is elevate your mood, boost your energy, provide greater pumps, increase overall endurance, and help lift heavier weights!

The Top 5 Strongest Pre Workout Supplements:

Pre-Workout Quality Strength Rating Features
5150 by Rich Piana A+ 8.6/10 Fully Loaded With Stimulant – Super Strong
Pre War Unleashed v3 by Body War A- 8.4/10 Very Balanced Formula – Super Strong
Fury X by Core Nutritionals A- 8.3/10 Very Balanced Formula – Super Strong
Nitraflex by GAT A- 8.0/10 High Stim And Increases Testosterone – Strong
Total War by Redcon1 B+ 7.8/10 Very Balanced Formula – Strong

How To Choose The Best Pre Workout Supplement For You

The Criteria To Finding A Complete Pre Workout Formula

  1. Pumps – Does this pre-workout give me more pump and vascularity?
  2. Mental Focus – Does this pre-workout give me tunnel vision focus when training?
  3. Endurance – Does this pre-workout help me train longer, and get me those extra reps?
  4. Force Production – Does this pre-workout help me push heavier weights?
  5. Clinically Tested Ingredients – Does this pre-workout have ingredients that have been backed up by clinical studies?
  6. Clinical Dosages – Do these ingredients include the recommended dosage for maximum effectiveness?
  7. Formula Cohesion – Does the whole formula work well together, and feel good throughout?

When assessing pre-workouts, you always want to look at the ingredients breakdown.

Many pre workouts include what’s called a ‘proprietary blend’ in an attempt to hide their dosages from you.

Usually, this includes the full scientific name inside alongside their common names but with no accurate dosage.

C4 is notorious for doing this when it comes to their ‘Extreme Energy Blend’.

As you can see, under ‘C4® Extreme Energy Blend’ is an example of a proprietary blend.

Fear not, this does not mean a pre-workout is bad, but you will not be able to break down its ingredients and dosage in its entirety.

Common Ingredients To Look Out For

Pump Ingredients:

Mental Focus Ingredients:

Endurance / Force Production Ingredients:

  • Beta Alanine

Stimulants / Energy Boosting Ingredients:

  • Caffeine

The list could go on, but these ingredients are more often than not in majority of pre-workouts in the market and could come in different forms.

Branded Ingredients

There is also the benefit of getting Branded Ingredients, which are usually shown like this:

  • E.g. HydroMax® (65% Glycerol)
  • E.g. Theacrine(as TeaCrine® 40%)

Branded Ingredients have created an ingredient backed up by scientific research and is of high quality.

A great example of a Branded Ingredient that is more potent than it’s normal competitors is CarnoSynBeta-Alanine.

Widely known as the most potent and pure Beta-Alanine on the Market.

Adding Everything Up

Reverting back to my previous point, you want to first test a pre-workout, before committing to one full tub.

How you can determine a decent pre-workout is by:

  • Looking out for the common ingredients listed above.
  • Looking out for branded ingredients (which proves to be well-studied and in some cases, more potent)
  • Looking at the dosages of each ingredient (how do they stack up against their recommended clinical dosages?)
  • You may find that some products have lower dosages, which are made up through the use of other ingredients.

The Bottom Line

Your body reacts to pre-workouts in different ways, thus, the best thing is to use yourself as a test monkey and make your own opinion.

You may see a pre-workout which is way more loaded than another product, but you might feel as if the other product feels better, and gets you better pumps!

If you love your pre-workout boosts, find one that your body resonates best with, and stick to it.

At the end of the day, a pre-workout will not get you results, but your mentality, training, and diet will.

And remember, no formula will ever be perfect.

So you might as well try them all!

Our Top 5 Picks For The Strongest Pre Workout Supplements 2019

We love pre-workouts for the instant improvements they can give us when training.

Unfortunately, there are many shady companies that produce products out there that do more harm than good.

We have tried and tested the supplements listed below and can vouch for them, as we have gotten great results so far.

Disclaimer: These pre-workouts are top tier in strength and potency. As staff here at AV use Pre Workouts on a regular basis, our tolerance is very high.

Our Criteria For Picking Supplements

What we like to see:

  • Formula ingredients that work well together
  • Proper clinical dosages
  • Not overstimulated (especially on the caffeine)
  • Accurate claims of effects
  • Low-key, underrated brands (that focus more on quality)
  • Products that can be felt, despite a high tolerance, without going over the recommended dosage

What we don’t like to see:

  • Anxious or any other negative effects during, or after consuming
  • Proprietary blends (sometimes this can’t be avoided)
  • Large scoops, but undrinkable flavors (fruit punch, ugh)
  • Banned ingredients (DMAA, DMBA, DMHA – sometimes can’t be avoided, but will include a disclaimer)

What you may come across:

  • Questionable ingredients that claim certain effects that aren’t backed by clinical studies (we will outline these in the review)

What You Should Be Wary Of

Let’s get one thing clear.

Our selection of pre-workouts may be from brands you’ve never heard of.

We take a lot of pre-workouts, both mainstream and unknown.

Be wary of most of the other articles out there recommending products.

Majority of them are promoting their ‘Best-Seller’ list, which doesn’t provide full, accurate breakdowns of products.

There are many products out there are overrated and overhyped.

You can stay clear of these products by doing research of your own and making an educated decision based on studies, reviews and trial and error.

Doing Your Due Diligence

As a consumer, you should always read the nutritional label to see exactly what you’re putting in your body.

If you find an ingredient that you lacks clinical studies, and you don’t trust, feel free to move onto the next product.

When pre-workout stops having effects on you, you should upgrade to a stronger one, or take a couple of weeks break to lower your tolerance.

It is important to stick to the recommended dosages to stay safe, and not overdose.

5150 by Rich Piana

For: Hardcore stim junkies who love caffeine.

If you’re looking for a pre-workout to make you go Ape Sh*t in the gym, well, you’ve found it.

If you had followed Rich Piana, you would know that he was always super intense, and brutally honest.

Whether you love him or hate him, his legacy lives on, especially through his product known as 5150.

Pump formula, mental focus, and increased endurance, 5150 has everything you need to get a killer workout in.

The downside? Definitely will be too much caffeine if you’re not usually used to such high dosages. 400mg of Caffeine is in this blend, which is 100mg too much.

Pros for Rich Piana’s 5150:

✓ An 8 styled caffeine blend – unique to the standard caffeine anhydrous

✓ Crazy energy boost and mental focus

✓ Pump is great

✓ No crash despite a large dosage of Caffeine

✓ Taste is quite decent compared to other high stimulant pre workouts

Cons for Rich Piana’s 5150:

✗ Banned in sports – Higeamine HCL is banned if you’re competing for by ASADA and WADA. (I want to make this extremely clear. If you are a competing athlete, DO NOT use this product)

✗ 4 cups worth of Coffee – 300mg would be better

✗ Sleepless nights if taken past 6 pm – If you have a high tolerance, it may still affect your sleeping pattern

Check Prices For 5150 By Rich Piana

Pre War Unleashed v3 by Body War

For: A super strong formula with tunnel vision focus, an immediate boost in energy and decent pump.

Pre War is definitely a top contender when it comes to complete formulas.

Bringing the heat with full clinical dosages of:

  • Citrulline Malate
  • Beta Alanine

Pre War has stormed the Markets in Australia, with an interesting, but a clever choice of ingredients.

A potent combination, Pre War v3 is a concentrated pre-workout that can you can use as an advanced lifter.

This pre-workout is no walk in the park, it is one of the strongest existing pre-workouts on the market.

Even being able to compete with Rich Piana’s 5150 in terms of potency.

The downside? Pre War’s pump complex has taken a back seat compared to its mental focus, endurance and force production.

Pros For Body War’s Pre War Unleashed v3

✓ One of the strongest formulas currently in the market

✓ No crash

✓ Amazing energy boost and tunnel vision

✓ Solid caffeine content`2

Cons For Body War’s Pre War Unleashed v3

✗ Initial taste is good – but comes with an unpleasant after taste

✗ The pump is decent – but could be improved upon

Check Prices For Pre War Unleashed v3 By Body War

Fury X by Core Nutritional

For: Insane formula that provides a crazy pump, decent mental focus, and quick energy boost.

If we’re talking underrated pre-workouts that are not known, we’re talking Fury X by Core Nutritional.

Fury X contains scientifically backed full clinical dosages of its ingredients.

No cutting corners to save money, Core Nutritional decided to go full throttle with their pre-workout.

They have come out with what’s arguably one of the most packed, high-quality pre-workouts on the market currently.

In comparison to Pre War Unleashed v3, Fury X takes the lead in complete formulas.

The downside? With great power comes terrible taste. Unfortunately, if you are a taste person, this is not the pre-workout for you.

Considering they’ve gone full clinical dosage on each ingredient, comes a large scoop (12.63g each) which is only ½ a full serving.

To get its full effects, you will need to put in 2 full scoops; equalling 25.25g total.

The consistency is very clumpy and grainy, which makes the taste quite hard to down.

But if you diet hard, you eat food for fuel, not taste, so if you can cop drinking a grainy pre-workout, then I can almost guarantee you will get a killer workout in!

Pros For Fury X by Core Nutritionals

✓ Full, scientifically backed clinical dosages on their ingredients

✓ Full serving of Creatine which is not commonly found in pre-workouts

✓ 4 branded ingredients – HydroMax®, No3-T®, Dynamine™, and TeaCrine – usually more potent and higher quality

✓ Provides an awesome pump, crazy mental focus, increased force production, and longer lasting endurance

✓ One of the top tier pre workouts including full clinical dosages and strong potency

Cons For Fury X by Core Nutritionals

✗ A full serving is 2 large scoops, which means more water to scull

✗ Consistency is very grainy and can feel very uncomfortable when consuming

✗ 350mg of caffeine which is 50mg over what we would like

Check Prices For Fury X By Core Nutritionals

Nitraflex by GAT

For: Stim junkies who want an extra Testosterone Boost

Ever heard of a pre-workout that increased testosterone?

Me neither, till Nitraflex came along and claimed they have made a formula that did exactly that.

According to its label, a clinical study has been tested and was shown to increase testosterone.

The downside? It takes 2 – 3 hours for the Testosterone to kick in. That means, you will feel an increase, but only after you’ve finished your workout.

Nonetheless, Nitraflex has lived up to its claim of increasing testosterone.

Pros For Nitraflex by GAT

✓ Increases free testosterone levels

✓ Increases libido (more sex drive)

✓ Has a formula which gives extra pump, energy boosts, mental focus and vascularity

✓ Tastes great, and comes with different kinds of flavors

Cons For Nitraflex by GAT

✗ Has 350mg of caffeine, which is 50mg too much

✗ Testosterone doesn’t kick in during your workout, but 2 – 3 hours after

✗ Proprietary blend

Check Prices For Nitraflex By GAT

Total War by Redcon1

For: Lifters who are looking to upgrade from their standard strength pre workout

If you’ve been in the game for a while, you know that Total War was one of the most potent pre-workouts in the market back in the day.

Containing 2 Aminoisoheptane AKA DMHA which is now banned – which produced elite level mental focus.

Due to the ban, Redcon1 needed to adapt to the new rules, which means reformulating again.

Needless to say, their current formula will most likely be the set formula, as it contains a very well researched complex.

The downside? In comparison to their previous formula, the potency definitely took a downfall.

On the flip side, their formula now contains all legal ingredients which now is tailored more to the average joe.

If you’re a stim junkie, this will definitely be in the average spectrum on your list.

But if you’re upgrading from your C4 – this is the pre-workout for you.

Pros For Total War by Redcon1

✓ Very reputable company, with a well-researched formula

✓ Most ingredients contain full clinical dosages

✓ 5 branded ingredients – AMPiBerry ®, Infinergy™, Cocoteanol™ ®, Naringin 98%, and Bioperine

✓ IncludesAMPiBerry™® which is considered the legal alternative to DMHA (Improves cognitive function, decreases water weight, etc.)

Cons For Total War by Redcon 1

✗ Not as potent as its predecessors

✗ Pump complex is not as strong

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